#TYMLI with Deborah Dorman: Marilene Kauffman

#Tryityoumightlikeit with Deborah Dorman is a platform for a generation of approximately 80 million Baby Boomers (1946-1964) to speak out and share their wisdom and leave nothing left unsaid for the future generations to come.   As a “Dreamer of Dreams” and one who values unconditional love and surrounding myself with kindness and good vibrations, and

Q+A with Barry Key of Frontdoor Home Design

Barry Key has always had a love for home decorating and small businesses. A desire for a change led him and his business partner to relocate their store from Bedford to Indianapolis, eventually opening Frontdoor Home Design in Irvington. While the store focuses on unique and non-mass produced items, they also have a commitment to

PATTERN Studio: New Faces

Photography: Leo Soyfer Styling: Kaylee Williamson Model: Noah Kilby of Rune Models Photography: Leo Soyfer Styling: Kaylee Williamson Model: Noah Kilby of Rune Models

“50 Little Birds” Is a Candid Discussion of Healing and Living with Intention

“Usually, people ask us what 50 Little Birds means, so I’ve kind of already mentally prepared that question.” Geoff Davis is no stranger to interview questions. As the subject of award-winning documentary short 50 Little Birds, he has reflected on every prompt you could imagine, with the guidance of director Hannah Lindgren and her creative

Scott Soltys-Curry: Indy’s Brew Guru

On any given day that you duck into your favorite local coffee shop here in Indianapolis, you might spot Scott Soltys-Curry, even if you can’t quite place his face or name. He may be chatting with the baristas behind the bar, working on his laptop, or enjoying a latte at a nearby table. One thing’s

Mainlining Mood: A New Poetry Volume by Adrian Matejka

When is a volume of poetry most like an album? When it’s Adrian Matejka’s Somebody Else Sold the World (Penguin Books, 2021), published this week. In this slim, slow burning book by Indiana’s former poet laureate and current IU prof, almost every poem is a riff on the work of a fellow artist/music maker: Future,

“This Must Be It” Pop-Up Fair to Showcase Local Businesses

“This Must Be It,” a pop-up fair hosted by Indianapolis-based group Six Ways Markets, will take place later this month and showcase over eighty local businesses. The fair will take place at Sun King Brewery in downtown Indianapolis on July 17th and 18th, from 10am to 6pm each day. A bio of the fair on

Body Positivity is A Western Concept, It’s Also Wrong

The beauty and fashion industries are home to each individual’s personified insecurities. Think your skin is bad? There’s sure to be an ad campaign about skin inclusion, with only clear-faced individuals. Insecure about your pant size? Don’t worry, there’s a body positive initiative featuring only mid-sized models in skin tones of white… and one Black

Retail 101: Grounded Plant and Floral Co.

Located just across the street from Arsenal Tech High School, Grounded Plant and Floral Co. is the ideal oasis for houseplant enthusiasts. The shop opened in 2017 and features an array of succulents and indoor potted plants for gardeners of all skill levels, plus a curated collection of natural beauty products, local paper and home

Queer is Not Your Cliché

After I came out as a lesbian I cut all my hair off.  In retrospect, I did actually want short hair, it was a fun few months with a pixie cut. However, the pressure I felt to make myself “look gay” outweighed my actual desire for a new hair cut.  For most of my time